Winners of the Climate Photo Challenge

Eco-Business would like to congratulate the winners of the Climate Photo Challenge!

These four submissions (two selected from the same photographer for 1st place) are now on display at the recently launched Changing Course Exhibition at the Singapore Botanic Gardens.

Here are the winning photographs:

1st Place: Ben Haggar
Occupation: Freelance Photographer / Writer
Country of residence: Canada

Title: Lone Adelie / Location: Penola Strait, Antarctica.
A lone Adelie Penguin rests atop a broken pan of sea ice. Penguins are the 'canaries in the coal mines' of Climate Change because they live on the front line and experience the most drastic changes. With poor quality sea ice, penguins have to travel further afield for food.
Title: The last ice island / Location: Franklin Strait, Nunavut, Canada.
A polar bear feasts on ring seal atop the only pan of multi year sea ice to be seen. Polar bears need these floating platforms to hunt, but with sea ice melting earlier each year, bears are forced onto land to scavenge or fast for months until the ice returns.

2nd Place: Jan Tigges
Occupation: Environmental Scientist
Country of residence: Germany

Jan Tigges
Title: Greenland's streams of climate change / Location: Greenland
Emissions, glaciers cracking, creating a final picture of silence, which is framed by a grey line of pollution with remaining peaks of naked stone.

3rd Place: Ajit Menon
Occupation: Photographer
Country of residence: India

Title: Disappearing ice / Location: Greenland
Ice set adrift from Disko Bay in Greenland slowly melts in the warming waters. This chunk of ice will disappear in a short time.

Eco-Business would like to thank all participants in the challenge for their submissions and support.