The story behind ClimateForce Antarctica

26 years ago, the ocean explorer Jacques Cousteau gave Robert Swan a 50-year mission to save Antarctica from the realities of climate change. Jacques urged Robert to engage young people and promote the use of renewable energy.

Since then, Robert founded the 2041 Foundation and dedicated his life to the preservation of Antarctica through the promotion of sustainability practices. In November 2017, Robert Swan made one last expedition to the South Pole with his son Barney, on a mission known as the South Pole Energy Challenge (SPEC).

This father and son team went on a 600-mile journey surviving solely on renewable energy, a first in polar-exploration. Using this expedition as a platform for engagement, they hope to challenge and inspire people to make measurable changes to how they use energy in their businesses, communities, and lifestyles.

One month after their return, in February 2018, 2041 will join forces with The Explorer’s Passage, a pioneer in adventure travel on this historic expedition to Antarctica. Aligning our vision and passions, the mission is to use adventure as a vehicle to preserve the history of our planet.

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