Changing Course 2019

9 April 2019 — Millions of people. Several events. Three exhibitions. Two documentaries. Countless screenings and one year later, our flagship climate change initiative, Changing Course, has enjoyed huge success thanks to our partners, readers and the wider community.

For those who missed our documentary, From Asia To Antarctica, do take some time to watch it. We were pretty chuffed it was shortlisted for Best New Talent at the London Adventure Uncovered film festival, and also put on Amazon Fire TV.

This week, besides the global launch of Netflix's stunning Our Planet which we wrote about here, our collaboration with Channel NewsAsia (CNA) called Tipping Point also premiered in Asia. The three-part documentary series tells the story of humanity's decisive moment in history and explores the relationship between Man and Nature. Globally, the conversation on climate change is finally hitting the mainstream. But we are not letting up.

Today, we are excited to announce the 2019 edition of our Changing Course initiative, featuring a brand new website, where you can explore all our stories and view the 2018 exhibition in an online gallery, and a mission to head to the Arctic this summer to film a sequel documentary.

We are heading to the North to chronicle the complex climate stories unfolding, its link to Asia and how our region is responding. To raise funds for this documentary and climate initiative, we are selling some of the best photographic prints from our 2018 exhibition.

You can find out how to order these prints here.

We hope you can support this initiative by purchasing one of our framed photographs, and be involved in this year's campaign in some way or form! Watch this space.